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Jo Wheway

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Contact email: jojoestudiant@gmail.com
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Twitter username: @jojoestudiant

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I  have taken on a new challenge as DP at Takanini Primary School.

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  • Jo Wheway

    Hi Vanitha
    You sure can share it
    I also have it as a template if anyone wants to copy it as a starting point
    This is something I developed a couple of years ago at my previous school, I am now getting the joy of working in a fully 1:1 environment in my current school with all my year 5-8 classes being totally 1:1. This is allowing even more building of agency for students
    Happy to discuss education anytime:)

  • Vanitha Govini

    Thanks Jo for responding. Appreciate it. Is it ok for me to share this with a couple of schools who are trying to build learning pathways for students in order to develop learner agency ? I would be keen to discuss what your school is doing to develop learner agency.

  • Jo Wheway

    Hi Vanitha...so sorry been so busy at new school i haven't been on here for ages!
    probably too late but in case still of use here is the maths site I put together

  • Vanitha Govini

    Hi Jo, Just watched your learner agency video and it was great to hear your journey as a teacher and a leader. I am particularly interested in your maths learning sites at MBS. Thanks for sharing your expertise, knowledge and resources. Could you please share the link to you Maths blogs please. Thanks. Vanitha

  • Marnel van der Spuy

    Kia ora Jo,

    Welcome to the New Entrant & Year 1 Modern Learning Environments group. Please feel free to share your experiences/ideas via the Google doc https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ITFrNhfYjAxUdF0BJyhdSzHnTLpgAARamHgH_IpvCgU/edit?usp=sharing\ as well as in upcoming questions and discussions.


    Marnel :-)

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