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Innes Kennard

Working in schools both nationally and internationally on the use of technology in learning and specifically iPads


Brief description: A teacher of 40+ years I am still fascinated with the learning process and what makes and helps it tick.
Contact email: innesk@werc.ac.nz
Telephone: 063788035
Mobile phone: 0273788034
Twitter username:

About me

I am someone who gets real enjoyment out of coffee, cats, crayfish and computing.  I started with clearning, went to d and now am working on e and exploring m. I wonder how far through the alphabet I might get?

In my magic years I get to work in a range of schools nationally and internationally (China, US, India and Ireland in hte past 18 months)and get a real buzz out of working with teachers and at times sharing their children.

Engaged in significant school support around the deployment, management and use of ipads. This includes steps and strategies before you start out (saves pain later), school and class organisation, the place of the pad in the programme and in particular the creative opportunities of this 21st century learning device.

I am also the NZ agent for Comic Life and Animate IT! (was I Can Animate) - I liked them before I started selling them 8-}

I also market a range of foam iPad cases -  contact me for details. innesk@werc.ac.nz


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