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Gemma Harris

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  • Brenda Crozier

    Kia ora Gemma

    I’m just reminding you that I am manager of the Mutukaroa section of the VLN and am also here to support you and help you get the most out of the Mutukaroa group section of the VLN.

    If you're not sure where to go, have got a bit stuck, require assistance, or you want to assist others either I or someone else will be here ready to help you.

    Use the discussion forum to ask your questions and read and answer the questions of others.

    To contribute to the discussion forum click on 'Group Discussion', then add a topic.

    Or email: brenda.crozier@core-ed.ac.nz

  • ari_mutukaroa

    yah gemma! glad your first meetings went well!! you are on to it alright..i just got my big pile of new entrant assessments end of the last week - its about 30 new entrants so gonna be busy in the coming days. and about photos - i feel your pain. i hate photos and video cameras even more!

  • ari_mutukaroa

    p.s Gemma - Avatar please...first you take a selfie - then you post it up!! lol

  • ari_mutukaroa

    Hi Gemma!!!
    how are you? I was just talking to someone from the MOE today to say that you had asked this question about the second phase schools. I think that the second phase schools have a meeting soon and she was going to bring it up before then to see how it could work. I know that some from first phase are still having issues getting on - so hopefully phase one will be sorted at next meeting and phase two will know what they are doing at their meeting. make sense?? hahaha rambling now...byeeeeeee!!

  • Noeleen Fox-Matamua

    Happy New Year Miss Gemma,
    I'm enjoying all your thought provoking posts!

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