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Gaylene Thompson

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  • Tessa Gray

    Ohh Gaylene, we're all learners, there's so much to find out, everyday I feel like I'm behind the 8 ball.

    Pace yourself, start with your own passions and needs, find ways to get up-skilled to a comfort level that supports your own personal needs as well as teaching and learning needs...then think about your student's needs/abilities and discover ways in which ICT might be able to enhance the conditions for learning (Eg oracy with microhones etc) - otherwise it becomes the pressure of something else to do, rather than a seamless infusion into classroom practice. A good place to start is ways to integrate ICTs with literacy progressions. For more go to http://elearningbop.wikispaces.com/In+first+year and http://elearningbop.wikispaces.com/after+1+year

    You would feel that your little ones need more guidance and support, so maybe even set up routines, systems for seamless integration (like a learning station) with self instructional games/applications. For more guided instruction, you can take 'moments' to teach but also train up class experts in some applications or rally some support from parents even?

    Wherever you are in this journey understanding about ICT, you are not alone. Having a continuum or matrix to identify ICT knowledge, skills and understanding helps provide some clarity. EG http://epotential.education.vic.gov.au/continuum

    For more on levels of attitude, understanding and knowledge in terms of technology integration, you can read a 'For starters' series that I wrote back in 2009 in the ICT PD Online newsletters. You just have to wade past the other items and read the 'For starters'. Very useful!

    Hope this helps, let me know how you get on,

  • Tessa Gray

    Hi again Gaylene, I think it can be daunting when first entering here, so it’s nice to have a little ‘guide on the side’. I think the nice thing about this is being able to find like-minded people to connect with across the country. I did a little search (see top of your screen) in the VLN for new entrant and juniors, amongst other things I found the following group that invites ‘New Entrant teachers to discuss and share what is happening in their classrooms. /pg/groups/45655/new-entrant-teachers/

    I have collated some classroom samples (of cluster schools working with ICT) and and shared some websites for toddlers @ http://www.netvibes.com/homegroups#Home

    Jill hammonds /pg/profile/Jill.Hammonds has longed worked with teachers unlocking the world of ICT with juniors. She has created a wiki @ http://shakeupschool.wikispaces.com/ which includes some resources for juniors. Jill would love to hear from you, so feel free to find her in here and contact her.

    Suzie Vesper /pg/profile/Suzie.Vesper has collated some resources for juniors @ http://suzieslinks.com/index.cfm?fa=contentGeneric.xurwebvdllmyxbsn&pageId=365009

    Have a go at the Search or go>Tools>Resources>All site resources. Here you will see a Tag cloud developing - hopefully with references to juniors or new entrants. The ICT PD clusters will be uploading their reflective summaries to the VLN over the next two weeks, so watch this space! More stories to come! Smiles, Tess :)

  • Tessa Gray

    Hi there Gaylene and welcome to the VLN. This network is growing fast and I'm here to help as the Blended e-learning online facilitator - so feel free to ask me anything. If you're interested in joining ICT PD Online, go to /pg/groups/27633/ict-pd-online/ and request membership.

    You can also get to know about this space by going to /pg/groups/25604/getting-started-on-the-vln/

    Please feel free to share a little information and maybe an image or avatar - whatever makes you feel comfortable and lets people identify with you online :) Look forward to chatting again soon. Tess:)

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