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Elicia Pirini

Brief description: Primary Teacher
Contact email: epirini@stm.school.nz
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About me

Kia Ora I am 55 years old and have taught since 1981.  I am passionate about learning and am enthusiastic about the changes occurring in education today.  As you can imagine I have been through a number of developments in education and FINALLY a move away from the factory model is being realised. I didn't operate very well as a student in that model and likewise when I became a teacher.  

My first passion are the Arts in all its forms.  I love creating and I love working collaboratively.  I talk too much and that's something I need to work on in my practice. I love working withi the young and older colleagues as the young ones are experts and experienced in things I don't know and of-course the other way around as well.

21sf Century BRING IT ON!!


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  • Nathaniel Louwrens

    Kia ora Elicia and welcome to the VLN.

    I am part of the online team and we are here to support you and help you get the most out of the VLN community.

    I see you have joined a group already; maybe I could suggest some other groups to help you get the most out of the VLN.

    You might like to join the "Getting started on the VLN" group, here you will find a wealth of tips to help you get the most out of the VLN.

    You might like to join this group too. /groups/profile/118255/enabling-elearning/ There are several more e-learning sub-groups you might like to join too for on-going conversations.

    Each fortnight we put together the e-learning round-up on the blog, it is well worth skimming through to see the latest discussions and links, /blog/group/118255/all

    If you want to know more about VLN/Enabling e-Learning community groups, you can view this webinar recording >>> http://bit.ly/1eQTLXD

    Looking forward to working with you online.

    Ngā mihi nui, nā Nathaniel.

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