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Deanne Ross

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  • Coalface Learning Community

    Coalface Learning Community

    Learning @ The Coalface -We are a group of 70 teachers representing 8 schools in the Waikato region. We're here to share - and to gather insight and ideas from like minded colleagues.
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  • Jo Flavell

    Haye Dee =) Well FREE sounds good to me! I talked to Kirsten about it using KnowledgeNET and she said she wants more information so i didnt really pursue it as i didnt think she would want to pay $200 for me to go... Do you mean its free to get in to present? Or free for the whole thing if you present? Let me know how things go and as soon as we know more details i'll talk to Kirsten (and CHAR! LOL) about it hahahaa! Talk soon =D

  • Jo Flavell

    Boo! Haye Dee! Has you school checked out the resource Te Reo Tupu, He Reo Ora! John and I heard about this at L@S and have been waiting for it to come out! Just in case... heres the link http://hereoora.tki.org.nz/

  • donnady

    Hi Dee welcome :) Keep an eye on the Home page for the latest files etc

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