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Dave Winter

We would love some classes to help us find out what you appreciate about their class/school http://bit.ly/ZV34RP


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  • Marnel van der Spuy

    Hi Dave,

    Welcome to the Connected Rotorua Teachers group. Please feel free to use resources, share your questions and experiences in discussions.

    Marnel :-)

  • Barbara Reid

    Hi there

    Hamilton Connected Teachers are meeting on Friday at Hamilton East School at 4.30. You can register on our VLN group page.

    Our theme is What does elearning look like in your classroom?

    Please feel free to add a slide or two to the shared smack down.

    And also bring a friend. The more the merrier.

    Barbara and Erin

  • Barbara Reid

    Kia ora Dave. Welcome to the Hamilton Connected Teachers group. We look forward to the sharing of practice, and making connections virtually and face to face.

  • Karen Spencer

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you for sharing the challenges that teachers face [http://educheck.blogspot.co.nz/2012/06/challenges-teacher-see.html] on the Wire - this would make a great start for a discussion - would you be happy to share it in Enabling e-Learning:Teaching thread [/pg/groups/53307/elearning-teaching/]?..might encourage others to reflect on their own contexts:-) Happy to help if required. Cheers, Karen

  • Karen Spencer

    Hi Dave,
    I have posted a discussion thread in the Connected Cluster group, in advance of this afternoon's session. Hope that's ok:-) - /discussion/view/690802 - Cheers, Karen

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