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Claire Knight

Brief description:
Contact email: claireannek@gmail.com
Telephone: 094731877
Mobile phone: 021 2926130
Twitter username: https://twitter.com/claireannek

About me

The most valuable resource in a student's life is that person who believes in them and who is willing to develop and cultivate the potential for learning. 


 For the past 15 years I have been immersed in professional development based around Autism, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Positive Behavior Systems and more.   All of this has given me the experience to learn valuable skills and strategies to use with all students at primary level.


Unlocking cognitive potential aligns with my philosophy on learning as I echo Carol Dweck's sentiments when she states that “Intelligence is not fixed and can be developed".  More aptly stated “Intelligence is not a static structure, but an open, dynamic system that can continue to develop throughout life!" Dr. Reuven Feuerstein. 


 Due to a diverse range of students entering schools and classrooms with an array of different learning styles, needs and abilities there appears to be a need to combine eclectic approaches to traditional teaching and learning methods. 



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  • Barrie Matthews

    Hi Claire
    Welcome to the LEARNZ Group on the VLN - /groups/profile/785745/learnz

    LEARNZ virtual field trips have a lot to offer diverse groups like your SEN students.

    I invite you to take part or replay one of our webinars at - http://www.learnz.org.nz/support/pld-and-webinars

    or skim what teachers say at - http://www.learnz.org.nz/field-trip/testimonials

    Hope this helps
    LEARNZ Project Manager

  • Tessa Gray

    Kia ora Claire and welcome to the VLN.

    I am part of the online team and we are here to support you and help you get the most out of the VLN community.

    I see you've joined some e-learning related groups already; maybe I could suggest some groups to help you get the most out of the VLN.

    You might like to join the "Getting started on the VLN" group, here you will find a wealth of tips to help you get the most out of the VLN.

    You might like to join the Enabling e-Learning group too. /groups/profile/118255/enabling-elearning/ There are several more e-learning sub-groups you might like to join too for on-going conversations.

    Each fortnight we put together the e-learning round-up on the blog, it is well worth skimming through to see the latest discussions and links, /blog/group/118255/all

    Looking forward to working with you online.

    Ngā mihi nui, nā Tess

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