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Catriona Chrystall

Wanting ideas or links to how to get children to see a purpose for learning to read and write when they only do this at school. HELP!!!


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Contact email: principal@oto.school.nz
Telephone: 07 873 7334
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Lover of learning. Passionate about ICT.  Collaborative team member.

Mother of two boys (17 and 13) and wife of the biggest kid of all Cool

Principal of Otorohanga Primary School.

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  • Catriona Pene

    There's not that many of us so I guess us Catrionas should be friends and stick together! : ) Nice to see another one on the VLN.

  • Sally Shroff

    Hi Catriona
    How is your ALIM group going. I have now finished with mine and had great success. Children moved at least two and sometimes four stages. If I can help you in any way with ideas please give me a bell. Sally

  • Shelley Muston

    Hi Catriona
    Yes, I've spent an inordinate amount of time making games,especially so they could take them home each week, but otherwise have just used what we already had in the school. I found the Julie Roberts CD of Maths games invaluable. Also, am beginning to use the learning objects on digistore and games from the links on nzmaths. Hope it begins well for you. Lots of luck!

  • Sally Shroff

    Hi Catriona
    How did your testing go? I have had great success and learnt from my mistakes with my ALiM group. I hope all goes well next term. Good Luck

  • Shelley Muston

    Hi Catriona, I am already taking my group -our 'expo' is at the end of August and I am very conscious of how little time is actually left to keep lifting these kids! I have a parents' meeting tonight -I didn't do this right at the beginning and now feel that was a mistake. However, the students are all really engaged and enthusiastic. I started by saying this was a top secret Ministry project- gave them all special folders, a reflection notebook etc. Called them 'agents' of MI6 (Maths inquiry, 6 of them in the group). All very twee, I know, but they were instantly engaged and all very quickly on board. The biggest challenge is getting over the angst of moving them on and just expecting that they will go with you -you haven't got time to cover absolutely everything within a stage, so you have to make a judgement call. So far, they have risen tot he challenge!

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