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About me

I teach at Paremata School near Wellington. I lead the year 3&4 team. I also facilitate student television in our school, Wave TV. http://www.paremata.school.nz/1667/image_galleries/91-welcome-to-wave-tv

I'm finishing up a thesis at the moment for an MEd. This is based on pedagogy into multiliteracy learning within studnet television. I have a post-graduate diploma in e-learning and using digital technologies for teaching and learning. I have been out of the classroom for two years, the second one with a studey award to complete the thesis year. 

I'm looking forward to sharing great ideas with like-minded people here at the VLN. I've probably joied way too manygroups so will curate it over time to see where I fit best.

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  • Catriona Pene

    Kia ora Caroline and welcome to a new school year and a new learning community.

    I am part of the online team and we are here to support you to help you get the best out of the VLN.

    I see you have been busy joining groups, maybe I could suggest another group to help you get the most out of the VLN.

    You might like to join the "Getting started on the VLN" group, here you will find a wealth of tips to help you get the most out of the VLN.

    Each fortnight we put together the e-learning round-up on the blog, it is well worth skimming through to see the latest discussions and links, [/blog/group/118255/all].

    Please ask if we can help you with anything else.

    Looking forward to working with you online.

    Ngā mihi nui, nā Catriona.

  • Barbara Reid

    Hi Caroline. I have updated the quadblogging page for 2014. Please visit the site to sign up to participate.

  • Barbara Reid

    Hi Caroline. Welcome to the Quadblogging Aotearoa Group. Please feel free to offer suggestions and contribute to the discussions. We look forward to you joining us in 2014.

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