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Tracy Riley

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Contact email: t.l.riley@massey.ac.nz
Telephone: (06)356 9099 extn 8625
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About me

I am so pleased to be working with you in this virtual space!

I have been at Massey University since 1996, coming from the deep south to work in this field of education (people often ask why I am here in NZ!). I teach undergraduate and postgraduate papers in gifted and talented education, and contribute to a number of undergraduate courses in our College. I also supervise student research and coordinate Masters' theses and research projects.

I am actively involved in gifted education in our country, as an active advocate trying to shape policies and developments at a national level. I am currently the chairperson of giftEDnz: The Profesisonal Association for Gifted Education (see www.giftednz.org.nz for more details - including a reduced student membership rate for which you are eligible!). I am a member of the MOE's policy advisory group and serve on any number of other advisory groups as they arise.

You will see my name often as you read about research in New Zealand in this area, as I have been in the fortunate position to have won most research contracts investigating provisions for gifted and talented learners in our country. I enjoy finding out about what schools do (or don't do!), what works (or doesn't work!), and the potential implications of those ideas on practice. I also have a strong interest in using competitions with gifted students, as well as strategies for meeting their needs in inclusive classrooms.

In addition to my teaching, service and research in the field of gifted and talented education, I also am involved in a number of committees and roles in the College and University, primarily working on postgraduate and doctoral studies.

When I am not working - at Massey or throughout NZ! - I am juggling my important roles as a wife to Andy, a professor of psychology here at MU, and mum to our four 'young adults' (ages 19 to 21).  On the other ends of their ages, I have a lovely wee grandson and a mum-in-law who is 90! I won't reveal my age but I am smack in the middle!

I enjoy a good book - cooking, especially for others and entertaining - a nice glass of chardonnay on my back deck overlooking the Pohangina Valley! I also enjoy gardening though 2010/11 hasn't been my best year for it!

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