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  • Sharyn

    Woops havent finished yet. I have done my new entrants learning conversations, a few (3) and in the middle of my Year ones, have 27 to do.
    Have done all my assessments on my Year 2s (have 31) and will get onto those parents once Ive finished the 1sees.

  • Sharyn

    Im very sorry I completely forgot about our hui on Monday, we have been involved in Te Matatini and I was completely had it!

  • ari_mutukaroa

    hi sharyn, i see your looking for learning conversation scripts. If you go into the Mutukaroa group, down the left hand side you will find a heading that says learning conversations, in there you will find scripts for observation survey and STAR, good luck! let me know how you get on :)

  • Sharyn

    Hi there
    I can't find the group! Help please.

  • ari_mutukaroa

    Hey Sharyn,

    Hope you have found the group now..if not drop me a message :) let me know if you need anything!

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