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Sarah Stock

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Senior Teacher Tauranga Intermediate & ICT lead Teacher.  I am part of a Multimedia 1:1 Laptop Syndicate with Year 7 & Year 8 students.    

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  • Rachel Boyd

    Hi Sarah, so good to catch up with you virtually. Enjoyed our 'interesting' catch up at L@S :)

  • Tessa Gray

    Hope camp was good and came back with the same amount of children you went with :) We didn't go the funeral, we had the kids. It was TV, so we watched it instead and the kids caught a glimpse of their mum. I know what you're saying about Twitter, sometimes you wonder who you're talking to. At least in the VLN, you can see who is currently in here, where they're from, what they're about - and it doesn't confuse private connections with professional ones, like Facebook does. I am so excited my the potential in here. It'll be great to see someone like to to take it through it's paces and we can see what we can do - with teachers and students. Blue skies m'dear :)

  • Tessa Gray

    Hello you, so good to see you in here! How have you been since L@S?

  • Karen Mills

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