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Nicholas Patrick Brown

Brief description: Teacher at Kristin School; AOL Dramanet Facilitator
Contact email: nickandclareb@live.com
Mobile phone: 022 066 1628
Twitter username:

About me

A theatre director and teacher-educator from London, UK; married to Clare and dad to Cooper (six) and Katie (eight); mad-keen football player and sports fan.  Loves Wagamama, Gap and IKEA; Blur, Stephen Sondheim and Kate Bush; films by Powell and Pressburger; Lonely Planet Guides.

Group membership

  • Visual Arts Community

    Visual Arts Community

    Sharing stories, conversations, resources, and professional learning about visual arts education.
  • Moodle


    Moodle is an managed learning environment (MLE) and this is a group for folk using any version of Moodle. A great place to share our Moodle experiences, tips and tricks.
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Message board

  • Ronnie Davey

    Hey Nick! Great to catch up!

  • Sam Cunnane

    If you've got time you're more than welcome to sit in on our VC for the VisartsPD group this Wednesday afternoon: 4 - 5pm. I find my key role is making people feel at ease in the forum - with both the technology and the other participants. Once they feel comfortable they launch in with questions and discussion and it's hard to shut them up!

  • Sam Cunnane

    The Getting Started group could be useful - /pg/groups/25604/getting-started-on-the-vln/

  • Sam Cunnane

    Yeah, we've found it a bit of an adventure getting people set up for the VisartsPD workshop! With a little practice it becomes pretty easy to navigate though.

  • Sam Cunnane

    Welcome along!

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