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Michael Fawcett

@aliceirvine I have the same dilemma/challenge spread over two adjoining classrooms with a shared space between. Let us know what u find


Brief description: I have a class full of eager Year 6s. I still have my sense of WONDER! ... and a beard... and an awesome helmet.
Contact email: teachernz@gmail.com
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Twitter username: @teachernz

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    • Warren Grieve

      Hi Michael. Welcome to the Digital Technologies group on VLN. Keen to have your ideas and thoughts added. Start discussions, ask to added as a contributor to resources I have posted. Keep each other up to date with news that you hear about to do with this area. Let’s use our contacts to keep everyone up to speed with Digital Technologies as it develops in N.Z. Dive into discussion we would love to hear your thoughts.
      My Digital Technologies website: https://sites.google.com/medbury.school.nz/digitaltechnologies/home. Same resources also on Pond at https://www.pond.co.nz/detail/3398311/digital-technologies-a-primary-focus

    • Barbara Reid

      Hi there

      Hamilton Connected Teachers are meeting on Friday at Hamilton East School at 4.30. You can register on our VLN group page.

      Our theme is What does elearning look like in your classroom?

      Please feel free to add a slide or two to the shared smack down.

      And also bring a friend. The more the merrier.

      Barbara and Erin

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