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Mark Herring

Brief description:
Contact email: markherringnz@gmail.com
Mobile phone: 027 512 6840
Twitter username: @markherring

About me

I'm the Deputy Principal (1 of 2!) at Myross Bush School in Southland. I also teach a class of year 4/5/6s.  I've previously taught at Riverdale School in Palmerston North and Salford School in Invercargill.

I am really into seeing students engaged through what ever floats their boat - whether that's e / personalised / project based learning. I also love trying and learning new things which is why I think this revolution of learning is so exciting to be a part of right now.

I'm a keen blogger of my adventures (my posts come in waves like the tide!) and love the collaboration that happens online and face to face at conferences. I'm an educamp convert!

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  • Diane Mills

    Hi Mark, I see you have caught up with Tessa and got some more information from her about using the VLN. You will be well up to speed by the time that you are expected to add something!

  • Tessa Gray

    Hi again Mark, good to hear from you. No doubt you would have had fun with Nick!
    You have asked for some examples of how other clusters are using this VLN to record their milestone evidence. I presume you’re talking about uploading the reflective summaries? This is really early days and I suspect these will start to role in over the next couple of months. Karen Melhuish has created a mock-up reflective summary @ /pg/resources/karenmelhuish/read/7976/developing- our-eachieve-cluster-portal-how-the-appletree-cluster-collaborates-online

    In terms of getting our heads around the process for sharing these online reflections, I have just posted some food for thought on the ICT PD homepage @ http://centre4.core-ed.net/spaces/space.php?space_key=382 The news item is called Reflective summaries and on-going data collection.

    The main thing to remember is, that you will effectively be writing a short summary that will link out to related evidence. Some people may like to embed the material in a page in the VLN, but more than likely this already exists in your other online spaces. So, no reinventing the wheel or doubling things up – like you say.

    The summary is important because it will become what is searchable for others in the VLN – hence the importance of tagging your story well. For more in-depth details, go to /pg/pages/view/32309/

    And of course, keep asking questions and I'll see if I can help. Good talking to you.

  • Tessa Gray

    Hi Mark and welcome to the VLN. I love your avatar. Are you working with Nick Rate? I'm the online facilitator, so you may 'see' my face from time to time. Ask me anything. Also, can you tell us a little bit more about the ICT2LRN cluster?

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