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Marielle Lange

Mix and Max competition officially started - http://www.mixandmash.org.nz/. There is a schools category this year, with cool prizes to grab.


Brief description: Cognitive psychologist (PhD) and software developer involved in education projects.
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The video "Shift happens" tells us that we can expect to have to change of career in the future. It already happened to me. I had a first career as a Cognitive Psychologist, specialized in psycholinguistics in Europe (MPhil, Cambridge, UK; PhD Brussels, Belgium). A second one as a software developer in NZ. I had had an ongoing interest in e-learning, grabbing an international award for best educational website back in 2000 - Museum of Perception and Cognition. Frustrated with the slow adoption of technology within my work environment (departments of psychology), I decided to learn proper programming skills, to try and help make a difference from the other side. I first spent 3 years learning the skills by working in commercial studios - portfolio. I ended up in NZ after meeting my (future) husband in Edinburgh. 

I have now started to try and use these digital skills to contribute to education. This involves work for universities, a project for University of Gent to automatically generate a complex interface to search and navigate complex lexical databases -  idlp. It also involves open contributions. Open content with various contributions on wikispaces - digital proficiency. Open source to support the rapid development of learning content across digital devices - widgeds. Free android apps - Bloom Taxonomy.

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        Testing the integration of widgeds - http://widgeds.wikispaces.com/. As it is not defined as a google gadget, it only shows when signed in google docs. Turning it into an official gadget should solve that problem.  
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    • Nick Ford

      Hi Marielle :-) Thank you for your response to 'Are Learning Management Systems getting the job done...what are your thoughts?'. This is exactly the type of conversation I am hoping to emerge from raising the visibility of Joyces blog post.

    • Enabling e-Learning

      ...and thank you for you participation already:-)

    • Enabling e-Learning

      Kia ora and welcome to the eLearning: Leadership group, Marielle:-) Your experience and expertise will be valuable in this growing community. Looking forward to working with you here! Ngā mihi nui, nā Karen

    • Enabling e-Learning

      Kia ora, Marielle, and welcome to the eLearning:Technology group. Your expertise and experience in this area will be really important in this community space, and I know others will benefit from what you can bring:-) Look forward to working with you again, virtually! Ngā mihi nui, Karen

    • Tessa Gray

      Thanks Marielle, this looks awesome - maybe even in the context of flexible learning spaces? http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/lrm22/learning_spaces/ I have also enjoyed reading your other suggestions for supporting a national hum and roar in here and am starting to plan some ideas based on those great suggestions. The ICT PD community is about to upload more than 75 learning stories called reflective summaries. So, very shortly, some natural activity will be generated around these too :)

      Thanks again Marielle :)

    • Karen Spencer

      Love the new project ideas:-) Would they be for commercial use? That's the only limiter for using the VLN, as it is an MoE site.

    • Karen Spencer

      Just been reading your resume - you are one bright, fabulous thing! Am very impressed:-)

    • Karen Spencer

      Hey Marielle, Great to see you here. Your profile page looks great:-)

    • Tessa Gray

      Hi there Marielle and welcome to the VLN. I love the Digital learning map you shared. Look forward to chatting again soon :)

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