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Lesa Lafaelle

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Brief description: Y2 teacher.
Contact email: lesal38@gmail.com,
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Twitter username: Lesa L

About me

Tongue outI'm now a Year 2 teacher in 2014...for now,  still in Edgecumbe. 

Kia Ora!  Well actually, I am now teaching Year 3-4 children in Edgecumbe and enjoying my new surroundings! 

I WAS a NE teacher working in Kawerau in the EBOP.  I loved it there!  I had only been teaching in this level for 4 years but I had actually been teaching at this school for a while.  My old class wikispace can be still accessed at www.t1-2012.wikispaces.com and from here, you can also see previous class wikis (and how these wikis have been evolving over the years).

SmileIn 2012...I WAS learning a bit about all this ICT stuff...you can access an old class wikispace that had invited parents to visit for starters (http://t1-2011.wikispaces.comhttp://t1-2010.wikispaces.com), http://www.netvibes.com/privatepage/2#General

SmileI STILL have my own 'Learning Journey'  (http://lesa37.blogspot.com) blog that you can visit me at(I'm afraid it is not very up-to-date!). 

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