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Kerri Thompson

Are you on Twitter? *ignite your AM* with a 15 min. spark chat. Join @kerriattamatea & @TRPKaiako on #BFC630NZ weekday mornings at 6:30!!


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  • Barbara Reid

    Hi Kerri. Thanks for the feedback. I think teachers are enthusiastic initially, but when they have to wait a while for a quad, they get disheartened. Not sure how to get teachers to stay committed as it is dependent on how fast teachers join up. Any suggestions welcome.

  • Kerri Thompson

    Hi Barbara and thanks for the message. I was new to quadblogging last year but absolutely loved the concept. My class made valuable connections with only one of the other 3 though...which was a little disappointing. I made contact numerous times and attempted to get something going but one class did not even blog in the end and the other did not reply. Matua Eru in Whakatane was the one we connected with consistently over the year and it was a HEAP of fun. Hopefully all 4 in my group get into it this year as the concept is brilliant.

  • Barbara Reid

    Hi Kerri. Welcome to the Quadblogging Aotearoa Group. Please feel free to offer suggestions and contribute to the discussions. We look forward to you blogging with us this year.

  • Barbara Reid

    Hi Kerri. Welcome to the VLN. Anpther place to share and learn. Check out the iPad user group and Blended eLearning Literacy. You could also add some details into your bio, just where you teach etc.

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