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Janet Shepherd

Brief description: Primary school art teacher
Telephone: 09 836 7460 school
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About me

I am a full time visual art teacher in a primary school.  We have a very innovative management team who have allowed me the opportunity to do my dream job.

Two days a week I take classes while their teachers are on CRT release.  Each of these days I take the class to my art room and we enjoy art for the day.  I have each class two days per term.

The other three days of the week I have four art groups.  Year 1-2 students  come for a whole morning once a week for a term.  In the afternoon of that day I have CWSN children.  The groups for Year 3-4 and Years 5-6 come to me for a whole day each week for a term.

At the beginning of each term I start with another lot of students.  These students have been identified by teachers as having an aptitude towards visual arts or have problems with academic learning. 

This is a unique way of teaching and the students have produced amazing results.  I, of course, am very excited about the whole concept and are always looking for new things to try with the students.

Check out Summerland School website, The Rooms, Art Room.  There are photo pages, and links to blogs I write about the students learning.

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