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Hamish McLean

Brief description: eFacilitator
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Twitter username: @invent2Learn

About me

I work in a forward thinking school as the eLearning facilitator, 3 days per week.  Teach year 7/8 teacher 2 days per week.  Our school uses modern teaching and learning techniques in spaces ranging from 3 classes opened up for 83 students and 3 teachers, to two classes opened up with 3 teachers.  We utalise teachers/students/community to facilitate learning.  We promote teacher and student agency, where the students plan our learning and the facilitators help the learning happen.  Teachers take part in PDL session with the students so they can see that the teachers are learners too.

Message board

  • Tessa Gray

    Hey Hamish, me again, sorry to stalk you...I see Lisa is interested in your MLE journey and wants to know more here... /discussion/view/941918 Great igniter for further conversations! Thanks again you're a trooper!

  • MarietteD

    Hi Hamish
    Just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your response to my query - you've basically reiterated what I've been saying for months, but having your voice/opinion as back-up to my argument might just get the powers that be in charge of IT listening!!! Thank you so very very much!! Legend!

  • Myra Paton

    Hi Hamish
    Thanks for all your easily understood feedback on the Acer C720. Can you tell me where you purchased these from?


    Myra Paton

  • Jodie Brown

    Thanks for letting me know- I have changed my breakout option to go and listen about your journey!

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