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Fiona Madill

Brief description: Primary Educator, Professional Development Facilitator
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Twitter username: LancewoodEd

About me

I am an experienced primary educator with 18 years experience in the classroom, including as a Senior Teacher and as an eLearning Lead Teacher.

Starting my first two years teaching in the United Kingdom while on my OE, I returned to teach for three years in New Zealand before taking on a role with Volunteer Services Abroad as a teacher trainer on the remote atolls of Tokelau.

With Senior Teacher experience at Sumner Primary in Christchurch, and Nelson Central School, as well as being eLearning Lead Teacher, I have been on my fair share of professional development, from the inspiring, to the mundane and everything in between. I joke that you can tell the quality of a course by its lunch! 

Having worked in more than eight different schools over the past 18 years I have experienced first hand that every school is unique, with different needs, and personalities.

Ten years ago a seed was planted to establish a business providing professional development for teachers that would leave them feeling inspired and full of ideas to implement in the following days, weeks, months and years in their classroom.

That seed is now firmly rooted, and I aim to bring top educational presenters to the South providing top quality professional development for our teachers. 

I look forward to:

  • Hearing from teachers about professional development you would like brought to the region;

  • Working with school leaders to tailor-make professional development packages for your school; and

  • Building strong relationships with presenters who would like to share their expertise and spend a little time in our magnificent backyard.

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