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Simon Evans

Building knowledge of sentence structure with ELLs students using Comic Life and VoiceThread. http://bit.ly/RKL3xn


Brief description: Software for Learning site facilitator, among other things.
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About me

I’m site facilitator for Software for Learning.

As part of my role I am responsible for the Software for Learning site on TKI, the S4L blog hosted within the VLN and production of the associated newsletter.

I suppose my presence in this space is two fold:

  • I want to use our conversation, our groups and our collective knowledge to better my own understanding of the future of education and how we can address the issues of today.
  •  What I have to offer is my time and attention surrounding software in schools. What can be used, where you can get, where there are some great examples of NZ teachers using it. This stuff I know. I spend my days digging and searching for it. So you don't have to.  I hope to be in the conversations to help direct you, save you a bit of time, offer a link or two that may just cut through ‘refine your google search’ hassle. Feel free to ask. I’ll share what I know.

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