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Brendon White

Brief description: Principal, Pukehamoamoa School, Hastings
Contact email: principal@puke.school.nz
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Principal, Pukehamoamoa School.

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  • Sam Hocking

    We currently have teacher iPads in place and are looking at rolling out a batch of 35 iPads for student use. I have been digging around about Meraki and it seems to be well regarded. If you have any details about the Meraki audio conference I would appreciate them. I would be pretty keen to see what you are doing as it saves a lot of internet searching.

  • Sam Hocking

    Hi Brendon. I saw a post you made about using Meraki to manage iPads. I am wondering what you decided to go with regarding managing iPads.
    Sam Hocking
    Twyford school

  • Roxy Hickman

    Hi, looks like you guys were busy on the VLN this afternoon... Great to see you here, look forward to seeing a post or two ;)

  • Allanah King

    Hi there Brendon,

    Welcome to the iPad group.

    We are a pretty robust group with good information in the discussions and bookmarks.

    Please do leap in and add to the conversation.



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