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Brenda Crozier

Brief description: A broad background in education, with significant experience supporting both teachers and learners using digital technologies.
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About me

I'm currently employed by Core Education as an online editor for the Enabling e-Learning team and project manager of the Assessment Online contract for the Ministry of Education and co-ordinator for the Mutukaroa VLN group.  

Prior to joining Core I was employed by CWA New Media 2000-2012, and subsequently Learning Media Ltd from 2012-2013. I was involved in the creation and management of significant educational websites, primarily Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI), being involved at various levels as an educational resource writer and developer, website manager, online facilitator, and project manager. My background combines classroom teaching experience with website community facilitation and site management, project management, and tertiary resource development. I have played a major role in significant national ICT projects, several in English and te reo Māori including:

  • Ministry of Education: wickED website and Study Support Centres online management system (site and project manager)
  • Ministry of Education: Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI) websites (online editor, community facilitator, site manager)
  • Inland Revenue: Tax and Citizenship teaching resources (project manager)
  • Walking Access Commission: Both Sides of the Fence website, e-book, and teaching resources (project manager, writer)
  • NZ Post: Magical Tales website, e-book, and teaching resources (project manager)
  • Statistics New Zealand: Let's do the Census teaching and learning resources (project manager, writer)
  • Social Studies Online (project manager)
  • 2020 Trust: Living Heritage website (site and project manager)
  • Treaty Information Unit: Treaty of Waitangi school's resource (writer)

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  • Murray Kendrick

    Hi Brenda, could you please invite Leonie Kupa our new co-ordinator to join the Mutukaroa Coordinators' VLN group please? Her profile is: /profile/LeonieK

    Murray Kendrick
    Strathmore School

  • Dee Reid

    Hi Brenda, could you please invite Dy Stokes to join the Mutukaroa Coordinators' VLN group please? Her profile is: /profile/Dyane
    Cheers, Dee

  • Sharyn

    Hi Brenda
    Im still trying to get into the group but no invitation came through.

  • Brenda Crozier

    Hi there Catriona and Barbara
    Many thanks for your kind welcome messages.
    I'm working for Core Education and currently moving content from the Software for Learning section to the Enabling e-Learning section of the site.
    I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions for you as I work my way through.

  • Barbara Reid

    Hi Brenda. Welcome to the BYOD group. Please use the resources and bookmarks and share your questions and experiences in the discussions. Check out Tess

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