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Breda Matthews

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Contact email: bredamatthews@gmail.com
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Twitter username: bredamatthews

About me

I live in Warkworth and have worked in ESOL for more years than I care to admit! 

I facilitate the Secondary ESOL Online community and am team leader of the Learning Village New Zealand. I own the English Language Resource Centre and provide summative assessment resources for English language and EAP unit standards, teaching and learning resources and professional development and advice to teachers and schools. 

Previously I have taught in high schools and at Massey University and was part of the team that designed an online learning programme for the Ministry of Education. I have developed teaching and assessment resources for ESOL and EAP standards for the Ministry of Education and NZQA.  

Follow my blogs on the Secondary ESOL Online group or at http://bredamatthews.blogspot.co.nz


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  • Hannah Swinbourne

    Hi Breda, I've updated my basic details as requested.

  • Andrew Hancock

    Hi Brenda, just wondering what might be a good starting point for finding ideas and or suggestion for texts for student use with US 31006 Read and understand a range of straightforward written texts independently Level 2 ? Would ESL news New Zealand be generally in terms of vocabulary range 1500 words and in terms of language as a website resource for reading?
    Any help with selection of possible texts would be appreciated .

  • MPenEng

    Hi Breda. I have updated my profile as you asked. Have I done enough for you to approve my membership to the group? Thanks!

  • Breda Matthews

    All done. Let me know if there are any problems.

  • Lisette Williams

    Hi Breda. I have updated my bio as you requested, just wondering if you could please approve my membership to the group? Thanks.

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