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Pam Hook

Brief description:
Contact email: pam.hook@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +64 27 2222670
Twitter username: @arti_choke

About me

Pam Hook is a teaching and learning consultant (HookED), who works with New Zealand schools to develop curricula and pedagogies for learning to learn based on SOLO Taxonomy. She has written curriculum material for government and business and is a co-author of two secondary science textbooks widely used in NZ schools and six books on using SOLO Taxonomy. A popular conference speaker she is also known for her educational blog, where Artichoke has been looking at at the heart, leaves and thistles of teaching and learning since 2004.

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  • Annemarie Hyde

    Thanks Pam - I have passed on your comment to the rest of the cluster; not all access the VLN as yet.

  • Karen Spencer

    The offer of fondue would have had me running for the hills;-)

  • Karen Spencer

    Initially, this cryptoforest may have been intended as a space 'in limbo', but there are pathways emerging that lead to unappreciated and incognito glades, and one or two wee sprigs here and there suggesting precognitive copses. I'm foraging for the wild goodness that exists in spite of, not because of:-) There's potential for this to be a (the?) gateway to the national parks beyond….

  • Tessa Gray

    Hello my old friend. good to see artichoke here :)

  • Nigel Frater

    3 teachers from Plateau heading over to mana this week to fill up on SOLO goodness!

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