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I'm writing a poem for my personal blog. The poem is called "Ghost on Dead Bird Run".


Brief description: 47, not tall, brown hair going grey fast.
Telephone: 035419452
Mobile phone: 0277337747
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About me

Working at Stoke School in Nelson. Year 0, 1 and 2 classroom teacher. ICT Lead teacher in the Whakatu ICT Cluster. Early adopter of ICT stuff. iPad is current favourite for classroom use.

Living in Wakefield, married to Mary, with three sons; Ciaran (14), Finn (12) and Ronan (8).

Likes the Sci Fi, fantasy genre in books (Lord of the Rings) movies (Inception) and music (War of the Worlds).

Cycles (but not recently!). Just did the "Blokes Day Out" triathlon, so that is 14 km now! Smile Runs (10 K in 55mins is my best this year) or is 5 K in under 30 better? Thanks Blokes Day Out triathlon. Plays football for Wakefield. ( First game April 2nd, (we lost 1-4.)



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