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Andrea Heal

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  • Andrea Heal

    Developing an understanding around what information literacy skills are and how they can be planned for and used by learners

    Describe what you have done: I have changed the way I think about using ICT in the classroom and instead of expecting the children to know what to do I have started to teach the skills that are specifically related to the tasks that the children are learning. I introduced different search engines and we have been talking more about how to search and look up information.

    How does this empower the learners: It empowers the learners as they have more success with their learning and they are not spending ages on the computer trying to find information. It is making it easier for them and they are developing more positive attitudes toward using the technology.

    How could you take this further: I am going to continue to do this but make it even more relevant and specific to the tasks I am teaching. In the first week of term I am going to run a session with the students on the skills that they will need in order to carry out their inquiries about endangered species.

    What evidence did you use to show how successful this has been: How quickly and accurately the students are finding the information they need. They are no longer copying large amounts of information and making it look pretty on a page. There is more meaning and purpose to what we are doing.

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