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Alison Payne

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Blond hair with a few little whitey-grey hairs showing through around the temple area in particular. Blue eyes hiding behind the specs.

Average size and build, I think.

Not exactly tall unless I am wearing a decent pair of heels!

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  • Alison Payne

    So TEAM, school's back and kids are too. Just checking, our 1st meeting this term is Wed 18th May, for an all day session for us and morning only for the 'Genii"?
    Do we need to sort out an agenda and info for kids and their teachers?
    Alison :D

  • Andrew

    Thanks Alison for reading the post and for commenting on it. It looks like the VLN is going to be the primary place for communicating for our cluster. Hey, I got the rat too even have photos should they be required, turned out to be a good lesson at school and a big fright for one staff member when i announced there was a rat in the bag i was holding!!! :-)

  • DaveP

    Yes Alison I am indeed a cat lover...I would have been quite at home in ancient Egypt where they were worshipped.

  • Alison Payne

    Okay Andrew, just got your messages. "Rat" emergency huh? That's a new one! Lol!
    Yeah, so if we just check availability of Matai and Waimea rooms for our preferred dates, we should be good to go with our additional planning, etc. Then we can finalise the 'trimmings' in a couple of weeks? Is Pete happy to be our mentor once again?

  • Andrew

    What are you at over there. I'm busy procrastinating while I shoulld be writing up Parent /student/Teacher goals ...and planning.

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