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Alex Wagner

Brief description: GoGuardian: Monitoring, filtering, anti-theft software. Chromebook Guru.
Contact email: alex@goguardian.com
Telephone: 1-888-310-0410
Mobile phone: 1-254-207-0575
Twitter username: GoGuardian

About me

Hey everyone!  I work for GoGuardian, a monitoring, filtering, and anti-theft software company based in the United States.  In fact, we're the ONLY anti-theft tool for chromebooks! 

We help admins manage their chromebooks on their way to going 1:1.  We provide really awesome analytics, monitoring, YouTube filering, flagged items, geolocations, anti-theft, screen-sharing, etc.  

I'm here to help answer any questions that I know, as well as hopefully help some of y'all out with the software!  We get quite a few questions on the site about our software, so I thought I would join.  A couple of y'all have even signed up!  

Please feel free to reach out to me for anything you need.


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