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  • Herald article today: Students should take driver licence-style tests before they can take mobile...

Herald article today: Students should take driver licence-style tests before they can take mobile phones and tablets to class. What do you think?


  • Tessa Gray

    In today's article in the Herald, Test urged before kids use phones at school a visiting expert from Australia, Adolescent psychologist, Michael Carr-Gregg asks us to consider a licence test for students that could sit alongside an acceptable use policy, "so if you've broken the rules that you've signed on for, you can have your licence suspended"

    Do you think this could work for us in New Zealand?

  • Giles Lancaster

    Yes there has been some work at school to develop a set of competencies that students require in a BYOD environment. There is currently, often, the assumption that students know what they are doing with the technology. They don't in many cases. Prensky is misunderstood when he talks of “digital natives”. I also like the idea that there is some responsibility on the student’s part to use the technology safely and with others in mind. Least we take away the privilege. 

  • Nicky Ryan

    I too am interested in Prensky's views on digital natives and immigrants. Although there is no doubt that these items are a part of our daily lives and interactions. I believe this proposal needs considerable thought as a license for cell-phone usage is not quite the same as a drivers license. Paul Drummond puts it well when he is quoted "...I don't know about a test being able to measure someone's integrity or values around using technology properly." After all there are plenty of people with a driver's license who do not drive safely according to 'the rules'. Perhaps it lies in digital citizenship and as a part of what is a must in a primary curriculum. I would put it up there with the 3 R's. We also need to engage with our communities to discuss values, movable goal posts due to new technology, ethical and responsible behaviour. Bit of a mine field really. Perhaps we need to understand this as adults first and I must say that I really like the NZTC new resource www.teachersandsocialmedia.co.nz lots of good discussion to be had! 

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