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Are digital games detrimental to our student’s wellbeing?


  • Hamish Chalmers

    Both! Neither! Doesn't it depend? On the student obviously but a whole bunch of other things too. It's a bit like asking whether roads, plastic bags or shoes are detrimental to our student's wellbeing. They might get you somewhere quicker but also be the cause of an accident, could be used to store groceries or get stuck on your face while you're biking somewhere OR stop your feet from getting cut up and later in the day be on the feet of someone who's kicking you in the shins...

  • Tessa Gray

    Hahaha, I love the visualisation of this Hamish. And the study thought children would fail to develop imaginations! Appropriate digital health and wellness

    This morning's commentary on Breakfast TV pointed out some potential dangers of unstructured play and the need for supervision, but no-one mentioned those pesky bags or shoes! Laughing

  • Togi Lemanu

    I think it depends if families do have digital games or not. Smile  Some families do not have the priviliedge of having these sorts of luxuries.






  • Hamish Chalmers

    My goodness! I'm suprised that the media would oversimplify things for the sake of a hypey story! Seriously though, some of my best inspiration (I think at least!) for writing fiction has come from computer games. Of course, I've also been known to use it as a procrastination tool. 

  • Nick Ford

    I also saw that TV snippet presenting the harm of digital games

    However it was my impression that other than lack of physical activity the anti-video games "thing" was more about the relative value and balance of structured and un-structured play.