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What shall we create during the Enabling e-Learning: Teaching group's challenge?


  • Karen Mills

    We could create a wiki where each challenge (if you are planning on continuing them) is on its own page? It could be 2011 challenges, 2012 challenges etc. All contributors can edit the pages. Or we could create a page on the VLN relating to that challenge.

  • Shaun Wood

    I agree with some sort of wiki / website, one that inspires and gives a range of resources and examples of skills / knowledge / attitudes. I like the idea of challenges to go along with it to develop skills; practice makes perfect, or at least gives confidence.

  • Paula Jamieson

    Me 'three' (as in I agree with you Karen and Shaun) the Wiki environment would be great for hosting rich media content and Web 2.0 tools. I like the idea of challenges, particularly if there could be some student involvement to encourage teachers to use the tools authentically and with purpose in their classes and schools.

  • Claire Amos

    Would love to co-construct via a Google Doc or wiki a document that aligns e-learning strategies with NZC effective pedagogies, student competencies and the recently launched cultural competencies!! Actually I want to do this anyway...but would love some help! Kiss

  • Catherine Hill

    A wiki or google doc would be fine for me. Sounds like a great idea and I'd like to be part of it.

  • dave beehre

    Can't go wrong with a wiki Laughing  The idea of "challenges" is great.  Looking forward to getting involved.

  • Anne Kenneally 

    I love the idea of collaborating on a wiki or google docs...  Sealed


  • Jo Fothergill

    I'm not sure what number we're up to - but I love collaborating with others ... so a doc or wiki suits me too ... 

  • Claire

    How about a google site?! Wink

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Awesome ideas - keep 'em coming (and you all go to the top of the class for enthusiasm, too!)

    We'll get started on Week 2 of our challenge next week.

  • Fiona Robertson

    A wiki is a good idea or what about a  prezi

  • Melanie Matthews

    I love wikis but would love to experience the google rave on docs or site!

  • Karen Spencer

    Many thanks for all your comments. Apologies from me - now I realise the actual 'poll' wasn't live Cry so well done all of you for just jumping into the thread instead. Flexible and adaptable folk, all of you.

    I'll set up the shared page today and we can get cracking!

    Watch this space.