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Can a principal be a leader of e-learning without leading this themselves?


  • Gerard Macmanus

    what is "this"? is "this" e-learning? Or is it "being involved" in e-learning? 

    Are principals expected to lead e-learning? Or are they making the decision to employ teachers that have e-learning skills and asking them to "lead", discuss, make recomendations on what needs to change within the school?

  • Tessa Gray

    Great questions. What is the e-learning part of the leading e-learning? and how much would you expect a principal to be involved? 

    Maybe it's a bit of this, 

    Even if leaders do not have expert understanding of the content of new knowledge, and therefore choose to make use of external expertise, they are responsible in a number of ways for managing teacher engagement in the learning process.

    (Timperley, TLPD, p17, ) 

    With some added Visionary leadership please (Computers in NZ Schools). Niki Davis

    ...draws attention to the urgent need for well-informed visionary leadership that is distributed within and across networked schools and services. 

    Within a distributed leadership model, would leading of e-learning look like?




  • Gerard Macmanus

    Thank you for the Visionary leadership please article, an interesting read. One thing I take from it in the last paragraph, where the author is talking about Regional and national vision making is also essential to enable New Zealand to capitalise on its early lead, which is related to its ecology.

    At present, I see that we are missing this, we have had a national strategy for the for past upten years, While a draft framework is being work on, we are missing the guidance that some leaders require to help make informed judgement decisions.

    How is the ministry helping schools to make well informed decisions at present?

    It is interesting that there are a couple of schools that are involving community to help make decisions around Bring You Own Devices, Orewa College being the main hit after a distarious aricle written by stuff. Rangitoto College have create a rather interesting publication to help parents make decisions and I now see that Epson Girls Grammar have done the same idea.

  • Marcus Norrish

    I am beginning to develop an opinion that terms such as e-learning or ICT lead teacher etc are stumbling blocks for school development.  A principal should be the senior leader of learning and if a school is serious about being a serious provider of 21st century education, the 'e' should be part of everything that happens.  Maybe its time to take the 'e' out of our learning discussions....? and as suggested by Gerard, all teachers would ideally be skilled at integrating 21st century learning tools.

e-Learning: Leadership

e-Learning: Leadership

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