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Science Apps

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By Ange Nield
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Science Apps

Here are the icons of the science apps I shared today, they are:

  • iNaturalist -  is a place where you can record what you see in nature, meet other nature lovers, and learn about the natural world!
  • Go Sky Watch Planetarium -  Easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets, constellations, galaxies and more by simply pointing to the sky. 
  • Frog Dissection - Virtual frog dissection gives students an experience-like feel of an actual live dissection
  • Bobo explores Light - Virtual interactive science museum with supporting videos and information
  • Classify it! - test your knowledge of how various organisms can be sorted and grouped
  • Science360 -  provides easy access to engaging science and engineering images and video from around the globe and a news feed featuring breaking scientific news

Hope they are of some usesmiley