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Science Fiction and the Facts

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Science Fiction and the Facts

Perhaps the notion of space travel is still a little far fetched and a few decades away. That is no reason not to previsualize and emmerse ourselves in the possibilities we can create with our technology. Everyone knows how science fictional scenarios provoke and inspire each generation to innovate and realise their wildest imagination. Any single episode of the 80's series Star Trek the Next Generation reveals tables littered with hand held devices and tablets. It is not a mystery to understand why we have them today and although it was only an artistic vision at the time generations to come took the ball and ran with.

3D Virtual Field Trips even in their infancy today are the earliest reflection of our desire to fully realise the halo-decks of the future. Experience, whether dreamed, fantasized or rendered in low-bandwidth suggestions is still 'experience' we can learn and be inspired by. Thought becomes an idea becomes a reality.