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Holy ProBot Batman

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Holy ProBot Batman

Last week the year 5 and 6 students at Greerton Village School in Tauranga participated in a Technology Conference as part of an immersion for their inquiry this term.  During and after the robotics workshop at the conference the students were encouraged to access their learning at home and share their learning with their parents through their LMS Ultranet.

The workshop was set up, with a mix of face to face and online learning activities, by the facilitator, so that the learning experience could be used as a possible model for "blended learning"  in one of the teacher PL/PD sessions later this term. Click here to view how the workshop was set up online.

This photo has come from a photo challenge  titled "Holy Probot Batman" which was issued on the last day, as a post conference fun activity for the students. Click here to view.

Cybercitizenship has been bought to the forefront by asking the students to use a CC Search on flickr to find backgrounds for the Probots and Beebots.

Images used had to meet the criteria:

to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work

to  Remix — to adapt the work.

Attribution links back to the author in the details section of the image in the media gallery.

Photos of the robots were taken against a green screen background and then the pictures were combined in powerpoint. The remove "background" tool was used to take out the green background.