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Enabling e-Learning photographic challenge term 2

Who will become our very first Challenge Winner?

What does e-learning look like in your school?

Welcome to the first ever Enabling e-Learning photo challenge for Term 2. We invite you to share what e-learning does or could look like in your school for your learners (students, teachers, leaders).

 Photographic challenge images can be uploaded here. Here's how:
  1. Make sure you have joined this Enabling e-Learning group first.
  2. Choose the link on the left that reads 'Add photos to album'
  3. Choose the relevant file from your computer.
  4. Leave Make image album cover? unchecked. 
  5. Choose a sort order from 3 onwards.
  6. Save and you're done. Woohoo!
Please note: Copyright of all images submitted to this album remains with the image owners.

Good luck, we look forward to viewing your entries.

KarenTessaJane & Nick |  Blended e-Learning Online Team