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Visual Supports and Autism Spectrum Disorder
The Visual Supports and Autism Spectrum Disorder tool kit provides a step-by-step, easy-to-understand introduction to visual supports and the ways that parents and other caregivers can begin using them. The pamphlet provides practical examples of how to begin integrating visual supports into a child’s daily routines. The tool kit provides actual visual supports for parents to print, cut out and use, along with links to resources that provide more detailed information for those who want to go further.

Affirmation Cards for Kids 
Affirmation Cards for Kids is a beautifully illustrated card deck created with the intent of inspiring and teaching young children important lessons such as self-love, confidence, love of nature, inclusion and love of others, responsibility and other essential values for positive development. With 40 cards in the deck, parents have the opportunity to go through the entire deck, one card a day or even one card a week and reflect on the meaning of each card. 

ASD Visual Aids
ASD Visual Aids aim is to support communication for children, young people and adults with social communication difficulties such as Autism.  We have designed visual tools and solutions for home, care, work and educational settings that empower children and young people with these difficulties to effectively access communication.

Augmentative Resources
Augmentative Resources mission is to find new and innovative solutions to Learning, Physical or Medical disorders by using sewn products. Most of our products are made of Veltex fabric,similar to the Loop (fuzzy) side of Velcro, in which the Hook(scratchy) side of Velcro will adhere. These are perfect for attaching picture symbols and Visual Aids. Many products are also perfect for displaying Visual Aids to incorporate multimodality teaching/learning into the school, Home & Community Environment.

AutiPlan Pictoplanner
For people who need more structure and overview in daily activities. Plan detailed activities using clear pictograms and text with drag & drop. Show plans with notifications and speech on a phone, tablet or laptop. Use alarms and text-to-speech to help keep focus on planned activities. Plan recurring days automatically by using templates and week schedules.


Autism Stylized Words: Teaching Reading through Visuals and Body Movement 
For those children on the spectrum who think visually, SnapWords® sight word pictures speed the acquisition of vocabulary in a way that also conveys the meaning of each word. Easy-for-Me Reading provides a step-by-step guide to bring a child from zero to reading in a way that incorporates visuals, body movement (hands-on, tactile means of learning), and explicit instruction in reading. Math resources utilize the same vehicles for learning: visuals, tactile activities, and explicit instruction. Teach them the way they learn most naturally. 

Autism Visuals: Communicating Through Pictures
Our mission is to provide visual aids, resources, and general information on autism and the treatment of autism to parents, educators, and the community in general to assist in the development of communication, curriculum, legislation, and ultimately the betterment of autistic children.

Baby Signs
Babies have a lot to say even before they can actually speak. With Baby Signs Program, babies and toddlers can communicate using simple, easy-to-learn signs, what they see, what they need and even how they feel.

Board Book Albums
Studies have shown that young children only have object recognition with photos. The "Take Your Pix" photo album has sturdy pages, into which photos can be inserted from an opening in the top of the pages. Kids with autism, speech delays, or other special needs may find it particularly beneficial as a learning tool or just something fun to create with their own favorite photos.

Choiceworks Visual Support System
The Choiceworks Visual Support System provides the framework that makes learning positive behavior fun and easy to do. This award winning product was created to be easily customized for every child.

Cuddle Bug Kids
Cuddle Bug Kids designs crochet patterns, toys and sensory items for progressive parents of children ages 3-6 who are looking for unique, handmade, developmental toys which encourage pretend play, sensory exploration, and fine motor development.  Maria Stout is Mom to a son with Asperger's and blogs about her designs and life as a Mom.

Easy Social Stories
EasySocialStories.com offers low cost, instantly delivered social stories that you can print again and again.  We are constantly adding titles, addressing subjects important for school, hygiene and socialization.  Custom stories also available.

First Next Last 
Laura Marsh has identified the daily recurring battles that arise over simple routines that most often cause noncompliant behavior. By providing families with effective, simple-to-use tools, harmony can be restored as your child learns to organize his time. When used with consistency, the visual tools and schedule books can help children build solid executive functioning skills. Parents are amazed at the difference in their children's behavior and are excited by the autonomy their children develop. 

GoMommyGO® provides Free downloadable ILLUSTRATED Behavior Charts and Images for Positive Reinforcement. The customizable chart has over 90 illustrated images, plus high resolution ones to print up and place in areas as reminders (wash hands, brush teeth, put toys away, etc.) as needed.

IDEO: Magnetic Pictogram Portable System
Created by a father whose son is diagnosed with autism, IDEO is an effective and useful communication tool. Using as little colour as possible, the IDEO images are easy to understand and will help you create many sequences and social scenarios. IDEO is intended for both children and adults but is designed especially for parents, educators, schools, rehabilitation centers or anyone working and helping children with any language related disorders. The IDEO Magnetic Pictogram Portable System is ready to use. No printing is required, no cutting, no glue, no Velcro or adhesive. The system is fully portable, magnetic and durable. Available in English and French.

IndiVisual Consulting, LLC
We design visual tools for individuals with communication deficits. We develop visual support strategies to integrate into educational, vocational, community, residential, and home-based settings. We collaborate with professionals and caregivers to design, develop and implement meaningful effective behavior support systems.

Mayer- Johnson
Mayer-Johnson's mission is to enhance learning and human expression for individuals with special needs through symbol-based products, training, and services. For more than 25 years, special educators, speech and language pathologists, parents and caregivers have successfully applied the company's Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) at home, school, and in clinical settings.

An online publisher of award-winning children's animated read-aloud books, story songs, lesson plans, games, and puzzles that promote early childhood literacy.
FREECOUPONCODE: Autism Speaks (type in exactly as appears)

Palmetto PEARL
The Site was developed as and is intended to be a resource for parents and educators teaching children with autism, developmental delays, and other disabilities.

Picture Planner
Picture Planner™ by Cognitopia® Software is an affordable image-based personal organizer using customizable pictures and symbols; compatible with iPad and iPod Touch. Supports IEP goals, inclusion, transition, & self-determination. Incorporates prompts and reminders. Potential users include individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities, TBI, or those with limited reading and writing ability.

Point to Happy: A Book for Kids on the Autism Spectrum
Conceived of, written, and designed for children on the autism spectrum, Point to Happycombines a picture book and a pointer to create a breakthrough in reaching children who communicate best through pictures.

The Reading Focus Cards---Desktop App & Physical Tools for Challenged Readers 
This program of both digital and physical reading tools can provide much help to challenged readers of all ages. 1) The fully-customizable Reading Focus Cards app (Patent 8,360,779) for Macs and Windows PCs “floats on top” and “stays on top” of any underlying application, allowing a reader to better focus on one or more selected text lines AND block out as much surrounding text as needed to improve attention, comprehension and retention of digital media. 2) The physical, low-tech Reading Focus Card tools (Patent 7,565,759) provide sensory-appealing features and customizable, colored filters to help readers experience more success when reading physical books and documents.

QCharm Portable and Visual Cueing System
QCharm gives you visual cues at your fingertips. Our wristband/interchangable charms (with Dyna Vox Mayer-Johnson Boardmaker images) allows you to create a structured environment with your loved one, whether you are at home or in the community. Use our QCharm Portable Visual Cuing System to help your loved one communicate, transition between activities, tolerate sensory input, and manage behavior.

Sandbox Learning Company
Customizable stories for children on social, emotional and behavioral skills. Customize both the text and images to truly address children's needs.

Say it with Symbols!
SayitwithSymbols.com is a resource and store for products that encourage communication, engagement and independence using symbols and pictures. Parents will find low tech, portable communication aids and visual supports for use at home, school, community activities and at care providers.

Personalized visual schedules including Activity Clock, Routine Teacher, To DO Lists, Weekly Managers and more. SchKIDules improve transitioning and staying on task, and foster independence and empowerment. Products are portable, lightweight, and can hang anywhere.

Visual supports to help improve communication in both expressive and receptive language, interaction and play, anxiety and behavior, choice-making and self-esteem.
Note: This company is based in Australia


Signing Time Autism Play and Sign Set
Parents of children with Autism have reported great success with Signing Time products. Based on the feedback and experience we’ve received from thousands of parents and professionals, we’re offering this special product bundle that contains the most useful signs for empowering communication with children on the Autism Spectrum.

Smarty Symbols
Smarty Symbols is an image library/website designed by educator for teacher and parents looking for an educational based image source to create amazing materials and visual supports. There are currently over 13,000 images in the online library with new images being added constantly. Smarty Symbols have also been used to help many children communicate via several communication apps and software on the market

Spec Tales!
Social stories for kids with autism and related disorders. A series of individual child and parent-friendly books designed to give parents some ready-made and highly functional tools for working on challenging skills.

Spectrum Keys
The research-based site offers a picture dictionary, social stories that can be customized, and a series of social learning videos - all web-based and designed by a teacher who thought these things needed to be easier to access, and more affordable.

Stages Learning Materials
Stages Learning Materials offers the best real-photo teaching tools available. Stages' educational flashcards, posters,puzzles and games are used in pre-schools, day care centers, early childhood classrooms, autism programs, speech language programs, and homes around the world.

Visual aids and therapy materials for children on the autism spectrum. Designed by a mum of a special needs child who is also a graphic designer, these materials include: Communication supports; Visual schedules and charts; Games and activities for encouraging social skills, Supports for life skills and for the classroom. These materials are useful for home, therapy and school.

Triple Stories
Triple Stories provides a simple way for parents and professionals to create visual support, such as social stories, visual instructions, or presentations of new situations or individuals when facing transitions. Triple Stories comes with a picture library of over 500 customized pictures, which you can easily combine with text boxes and speech or thought bubbles. You can also draw your own pictures or edit pictures from the picture library.

U-Play Mat for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
An ABA-based U-shaped picture communication system that teaches individuals with autism to express themselves. The set comes with a wide variety of colorful, easily recognizable themed picture cards covering various domains.

The Victoria Chart Company
Reward Charts for Children by the Victoria Chart Company. Easy-to-use and fun for children, each of our charts is age-specific and covers common milestones in young children's lives. Most importantly, our charts can be tailored to the individual need of your child.

VisualCurriculums is your source for image-based general education curriculums. VisualCurriculums is the first ever “visualized” general education curriculum.  It is a general education curriculum presented in a visual format using drawings, diagrams, pictures, and other images in place of traditional reading and text-based curriculum or verbal instruction.  VisualCurriculums is the only learning tool currently available with the expressed goal of presenting standard, traditional curriculum in a visual format.

Visual Schedules
Magnetized visual schedules for families and classrooms, developed by the mother of a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. These visual schedules are comprised of customized flat magnets, available in either gender and multiple ethnicities. Provides a receptive communication system, which directly adheres to a refrigerator or magnetic classroom board.

Visual Steps
Visual Steps is a tool used to create step-by-step instructions, including video models, for completing a task.  Because the steps are user defined, the level of detail and frequency of prompting can be customized to a particular individual and/or task.  A photo, text, audio and/or video  can be associated with each step. 


VizZle lets you create and share evidence-based interactive visual lessons that drive achievement. VizZle allows parents and teachers to track student performance against IEP goals, quickly create and customize lessons and learning games for all ages, create PECS, token boards and timers, interface with whiteboards for interactive group activities and more!

YaYa Cards
YaYa Cards is a set of language learning cards with a letter, word, or words written on one side of the card, and an adhesive on the other side so that the card can be stuck to an object that corresponds to the word or phrase. An audible sound is emitted when the card is touched. YaYa Cards is a fun way to learn language!