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Recommended ELL stories that reflect students experiences

Hi everyone

I came across a list of books on Colorin Colarado that ELLs might relate to. The site describes them as follows- 

"These stories capture the varied experiences of learning English through a child's eyes — from the shy and nerve-wracking beginnings to the joy of a blossoming new friendship. ELL students will recognize the highs and lows of the situations and emotions of the stories, many of which were written by authors who themselves were immigrants. The books also provide valuable insight to adults working with ELLs in the classroom."

 I think you would find many of these useful with your own students. However they do tend to be American. That got me thinking wouldn't it be great to create a list of similar books that we use in our New Zealand classrooms with our English language learners. They may be in a New Zealand context or be located somewhere else in the world. Which books or journal stories do you highly recommend? 

I have created and shared a google doc for you to add your favourite books and stories to share with ELLs. Please feel free to add to it and to share the link. 

Kind regards