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Learning with Digital Technologies

Learning with Digital Technologies

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Professional Learning Development 

Whāia ngā hononga:

The Virtual Learning Network

 Think of this space as:

  • A virtual platform  
  • A resource bank to access and share resources
  • A space to add whakaaro, pātai, kōrero
  • NZ Educators sharing their stories




He aha ngā painga o te VLN?


Nā Tessa Gray tēnei POW TOON i hanga.

Tessa Gray has created an awesome POW TOON about the 'whats' and 'hows' of using the Virtual Learning Network - Check it out here: 


Why use this space?

(Will return to this question later) - Whanake Ngaiotanga (Professional Learning)


Exploring & registering on the Virtual Learning Network - The VLN

Already a VLN user?

How are you currently using/utilising the VLN?

Add a comment below to let us know how you are currently using/utilising this space.

Not yet a user? 

You need to register to add any contributions to this space.

This is a short screen recording showing and explaining how to register for the Virtual Learning Network.  

Tips to remember:

  • Use your real name for your Display name - Allow viewers to make a virtual connection with you.
  • Use a school email address that ends with '.school.nz' to allow faster access to the Virtual Learning Network.  It is ok to use any email address but there will be a wait process to accept your registration.
  • You will be notified by email about two things - confirming your email address and acceptance.
  • Please ask for help if you need it


VLN Registration from Moana Timoko on Vimeo.


Easy steps to join the VLN

VIMEO Video Recordings by Karen Melhuish

1.  Register here– www.vln.school.nz

The registration process may take 24 hours if you do not use a school email address - Contact can be made with the VLN Help team to avoid registration delays - help@vln.school.nz.

2.  Set up your professional profile - 


3.  Find, join & create useful groups



4.  Tailor your dashboard


5.  Set up/review your notifications


6.  Connect [‘friend’] - build your network


7.  Contribute.  Share.  Ask.  Reflect.  Learn.  HAVE A TUTU!!!!