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INQUIRY Examples

INQUIRY Examples

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Possible action/s:

  • Decide on an inquiry model / Modify an inquiry model for the kura
  • Compile a list of online/electronic programmes, sites that you are already using 
  • How can we frame a school-wide inquiry or individual inquiries around what you are already doing?
    • Frame an inquiry to focus on - Frame an inquiry question as a starter

Examples to consider:

NZC - Teaching as Inquiry Model - Page 35


TMOA - Te Hurihanga Whakaako Pakirehua me te Waihanga Mātauranga - Te Whārangi 16

Inquiry Cycle TMOA

Translation provided via TMOA Reo Pākeha version - Page 15

  • What are the essential learning outcomes for students from the Curriculum and community?
  • Evaluate how students are progressing in relation to those learning outcomes (use the graduate profile as a guide).
  • What knowledge and skills do teachers require to support learners to link their learning to the new learning outcomes?
  • How can administrators, whānau and iwi support teachers to raise student learning/achievement?
    • To ease/assist students into new experiences.
    • To strengthen teachers’ knowledge and skills.
  • What are the benefits of the activities for the learners?