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LwDT Taipa Area School 26/06/2014


Professional Learning Development

Link to the Google Doc for today:

Taipa TOD 21 July, 2014 (Edit settings to allow others to edit)


Whāia ngā hononga:



The Virtual Learning Network


Think of this space as:

  • A virtual platform  
  • A resource bank to access and share resources
  • A space to add whakaaro, pātai, kōrero
  • NZ Educators sharing their stories




He aha ngā painga o te VLN?


Nā Tessa Gray tēnei POW TOON i hanga.

Tessa Gray has created an awesome POW TOON about the 'whats' and 'hows' of using the Virtual Learning Network - Check it out here: 


Why use this space?

(Will return to this question later) - Whanake Ngaiotanga (Professional Learning)

Utilising Te Rangitukutuku - The MMeLPF

A positioning tool that allows you and/or your kura to plan towards building or improving e-capability.

This tool will be explored in more depth soon.


This is a quick task to show us your response to the above question.  

Whāia te hononga: Have you used Te Rangitukutuku - The MMeLPF?

We will all be able to view your responses below - all entries will appear when this page is refreshed.





This is another quick task - to position yourself on the Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework (MMeLPF).  

Position where you are at by typing your name in the yellow boxes of each table.

Whāia te hononga: MMeLPF Taipa Area School

For more info about the MMeLPF - Visit this site: Enabling e-Learning - MMeLPF 


  • Creating your Google Site
  • Exploring & registering on the Virtual Learning Network - The VLN




Already a VLN user?

How are you currently using/utilising the VLN?

Add a comment below to let us know how you are currently using/utilising this space.

Not yet a user?


You need to register to add any contributions to this space.

This is a short screen recording showing and explaining how to register for the Virtual Learning Network.  

Tips to remember:

  • Use your real name for your Display name - Allow viewers to make a virtual connection with you.
  • Use a school email address that ends with '.school.nz' to allow faster access to the Virtual Learning Network.  It is ok to use any email address but there will be a wait process to accept your registration.
  • You will be notified by email about two things - confirming your email address and acceptance.
  • Please ask for help if you need it


VLN Registration from Moana Timoko on Vimeo.


Easy steps to join the VLN

VIMEO Video Recordings by Karen Melhuish

1.  Register here– www.vln.school.nz

The registration process may take 24 hours if you do not use a school email address - Contact can be made with the VLN Help team to avoid registration delays - help@vln.school.nz.

2.  Set up your professional profile - 


3.  Find, join & create useful groups



4.  Tailor your dashboard


5.  Set up/review your notifications


6.  Connect [‘friend’] - build your network


7.  Contribute.  Share.  Ask.  Reflect.  Learn.  HAVE A TUTU!!!!

If you are registered on the VLN you can:

Add any whakaaro, pātai, kōrero below in the Comment box.



  • Moana Timoko

    Notes recorded - Kōrero:

    Using e-Learning to enhance teaching and learning

    Pateriki visited schools - making use of good technology...to enhance teaching and learning processes

    These schools have restructured how the curriculum is delivered


    How their students learn - existing structures - wont go far

    Re-think - delivering a curriculum that is more relevant to our kids today

    Outcomes for the day

    • More familiar with the use of Google docs etc
    • Using and building Google sites - building your digital classroom

    Notes recorded - Kōrero:

    Rimurimu - Waiata Tawhito

    Hākari - Laying everything on the table - We can take what we need from the table

    Presence on Second Life (BLOCKED)

    Acronyms of today - "DA" "LOL" "LMAO"

    Attention spans of ākonga: 

    World of Awareness (College users reacting to their world) - Photographs of the kitty cats - Passbook (Not allowed to smile) - Your identity

    Aggregate Phenomenon (Finding bits of info from all over the place - no message is the single most important message - the longer you follow someone on Facebook or Twitter the more you come to understand them)

    Social Captial (The collective benefits created or held within social networks)

    Trends - 21st Century learning devices: What trends have you seen so far?

    M-Learning - Mobile learning

    1. Transferable
    2. HD - High Definition
    3. Intuitive
    4. Memory
    5. Data collection

    Frog/Horse - Transformative Education

    tinyurl.com/MasseyHighCatalogue - Check out their mahi at Massey High School

    Te hononga:  Mediasite

    Avatar: "I see you"

    I see you



    Concrete the path that people walk - not where you think it should be

    Are we placing concrete paths down too early?


    Tukutuku panels - Exhibition on now at Te Papa

    Kāhui Raranga: The Art of Tukutuku

    Show relationships

    RAMS for e-Learning: IF I CAN'T, THEN WHAT?

    Do we have RAMS for when the internet doesn't work? - Yep we call on Mark!

    Be prepared!  Have a back-up plan!




    Highway example

    Main drag - Multiple entries, multiple exits - Spaghetti Junction

    Provide choices!

    21st Century Learning