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Professional Learning Community Day - June 3, 2014

Our first learning community day took place on June 3rd.

We welcomed keynote speakers Alice Patrick, Trevor Wilson and Carol Hippolite, Adie Bonisch and also Hoana Pearson for 3 workshops.

We held 3 workshop rounds in a variety of areas.


  • Snelly

    Really enjoyed the workshop on BYOD - lots of PD resources to explore before pursuing further. Great to get an idea of how BYOD can be used effectively and for 21st century skills and jobs (rather than just electronic textbooks and worksheets!)

    Also effective mathematics pedagogy - great to know that the Ministry has distilled the 'Big Pink Book' of best evidence pedagogy, into a much more digestible leaflet of 10 principles. Download it here: http://www.nationalnumeracy.org.uk/resources/39/index.html