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Musical Inquiry Unit

Musical Inquiry Unit

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  • Yvonne Nikora

    Wow, we did our motivation last week and the school was alive with reed music (music to some and piercing noise to others). The children were very challenged when first given the straw and asked to make an instrument. We got lots of air and white noise type sounds. After a frustrating 10 - 15 minutes we did some grou research and watched a video clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGUezZkrF3c  that gave great ideas for making a reed instrument with a straw. The children took those ideas and added to it with their own creative flair and we had roosters, cars and all types of sounds. The children then approached me and asked if they could make other instruments - we hadn't even told the children that was the plan! So the motivation worked and even the youngest ones managed to achieve their goal, and what a sense of satisfaction it brought to the group.

    It was exciting to watch our tuakana help the younger children to try different sounds and even showing them how to blow - hilarious :-)!!



  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi

    Hi there Yvonne

    I'm loving your entries in the VLN! :-) The manner in which you've written up your feedback/reflection, makes for some great reading! I'll know where to direct people who want ideas on how best to engage students re music and musical instruments. Great stuff! Cheers

  • Dianne Roadley

    At Tiniroto we are excited about supplimenting our inquiry with our first Learnz virtual field trip with the symphany orchestra.  The site is reading rich and the students have been engaged with listening to the different instruments and exploring.  I love the idea of having our own ambassador along with Andrew on the trip to Christchurch!  We are preparing for our audioconference about instruments which fits beautifully with our learning around asking rich effective questions.  We are having fun with both percusssion instruments and garageband making music.  One student has gone down the path of exploring sound waves and is investigating how they can invent an instrument to chanel sound right across the field... should be fun :)

  • Julie Tumarae

    The older students at Waipaoa Station thoroughly enjoyed their research of chosen instruments.  Developing inquiry questions seemed to come easily in this unit.  I believe they were thoroughly interested in finding out about their chosen instrument.  They were gathering knowledge at this stage, knowledge that they found very interesting.  From there we looked at developing our own intruments from what we had learnt from our study.  This was definetly trial and error over a period of time, they didn't give up!  They adjusted materials to suit the sound they wanted and how the instrument would be played. Kapai koutou.