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Using mental models to gain meaning

Using mental models to gain meaning

Last updated by Sean Bailey

The ‘down time’ in the holidays is always a good opportunity to explore some new ideas. I have come across some interesting information around our ability to gain meaning by creating visual mental models. The pedagogy behind this is explained clearly by information designer Tom Wujec. In a short 6 minute TED talk he explains the three areas of the brain that help us create meaning from words, images, feelings, connections in order to better understand big ideas. Check this out: http://www.ted.com/talks/tom_wujec_on_3_ways_the_brain_creates_meaning?source=email#.U14BGGoGMT5.email


As you know many of our students have difficulty making meaning and therefore find key information literacy skills difficult when working on an inquiry topic. I have come across an app called SketchNotes that could be useful for students as it not only allows students to record information, but also sketch/illustrate their ideas!

Sean Bailey

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