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LwDT 1#

LwDT 1#

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Do we want to use the VLN as an online sharing platform?

We have an established space on the VLN.

We can utilise Google docs and the VLN as our online sharing platforms.

What's our purpose of sharing on the VLN - within this space?

  • Access to direct info related to LwDT
  • Creating sustainable options for teachers to pursue their own areas of interest

The Virtual Learning Network

  • What is the VLN and how can it help you?  
  • Tessa Gray has created an awesome POW TOON about the 'whats' and 'hows' of using the Virtual Learning Network - Check it out here: 




Learning with Digital Technologies Inquiries / e-Learning goals
Developing an inquiry cycle within your kura that all teachers use to focus on achieving their e-Learning goal/s.

LwDT Inquiries to support achieving your targets - What are the kura targets?

Possible action/s:

  • Decide on an inquiry model / Modify an inquiry model for the kura
  • Compile a list of online/electronic programmes, sites that you are already using 
  • How can we frame a school-wide inquiry or individual inquiries around what you are already doing?
    • Frame an inquiry to focus on - Frame an inquiry question as a starter

Examples to consider:

NZC - Teaching as Inquiry Model - Page 35


TMOA - Te Hurihanga Whakaako Pakirehua me te Waihanga Mātauranga - Te Whārangi 16

Inquiry Cycle TMOA

Translation provided via TMOA Reo Pākeha version - Page 15

  • What are the essential learning outcomes for students from the Curriculum and community?
  • Evaluate how students are progressing in relation to those learning outcomes (use the graduate profile as a guide).
  • What knowledge and skills do teachers require to support learners to link their learning to the new learning outcomes?
  • How can administrators, whānau and iwi support teachers to raise student learning/achievement?
    • To ease/assist students into new experiences.
    • To strengthen teachers’ knowledge and skills.
  • What are the benefits of the activities for the learners? 

What are we doing right NOW?