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Inquiry example

Inquiry example

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Copy of an example - Names removed - Really basic e hoa mā

Google Drive: All staff have access to Google Drive.  Google Drive not currently utilised by all staff.  

Action: Trialing the use of a Google Doc to share Staff meeting minutes


The NZC inquiry cycle above will be used to illustrate how an inquiry model might be used with this learning activity.

Focusing Inquiry - Possible Inquiry Question:

This is the why part...why are we doing this?  

Brief discussion with Lead Teachers - We have Google Drive but it's not being utilised by all staff / Staff working at different levels with varying levels of confidence / We want to improve the e-capability of our staff / We want to be able to keep up with our kids / We need to find other ways, smarter ways to work collaboratively with each other and our students online

One staff member may want to share about how her students and staff are using Blogs.  Open the eyes of some of your staff to new learning and sharing possibilities.  Set the scene - show what's possible - Cultivate some Curiosity! Develop inquiring minds!

Frame a question:

How can we increase the confidence & user levels of all staff to utilise Google docs to share collaboratively online?

(Feel free to edit this question - My england is not the best!  This question needs to relate to the need to utilise what you've got...to cultivate curiosity, to see potential, to develop inquiring minds!!!)

Teaching inquiry - Teaching/Learning

How do your staff learn best?  What will work for them?  Will they learn by listening?  Will they learn by watching? Will they learn by doing?

I'm assuming they'll learn by doing - but you will know! 

Brief discussion with Lead Teachers - Scaffolded session/Hands-on workshop for all staff to be taken by a selected staff member to create a Scrolling Staff Meeting Minutes document.  This may take a few staff meetings to familiarise all staff with the process.  

Some considerations:

  • Reminders for all staff to bring their lap tops to hui
  • Be prepared for tech isssues if all staff are connected at the same time (I'm not sure of the reliability of your internet connection in the staffroom???)
  • Allow for play time - Work through the instructions of 'Creating a document', 'Sharing the document', 'Working in the document', 'Commenting'...
  • Agenda set and added to document
    • Template created including date, apologies section, Agenda items, Actions, Dates etc
  • Staff to check Staff Meeting minutes at least a day before hui
    • Reminders sent out to staff
  • Staff to add any comments/questions/agenda items prior to hui
    • Reminders displayed about how to comment/or add to agenda
  • Meeting minutes to be shared via Big screen during the hui 
  • Minute recorder to add any new comments/actions/due dates etc during the hui
  • Questions highlighted and addressed at meeting (if not already answered within the document)

Next meeting template created before the end of hui with meeting date - Process explained again to staff

Learning Inquiry

What happened as a result of the teaching, and what are the implications for future teaching?

Reflection time.  How did this work?  What do we need to change?  How could we improve the teaching? delivery? What can we move on to next?  Who can we use from the staff (our group of learners) to become experts....or to delegate new learning tasks to?  Who needs revision?  Who needs to be extended?  What did we notice about the learning dynamics of the group?  

Plan ahead - What is our next focusing inquiry?