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BeL inquiry @ Maromaku School

Current Inquiry:



The NZC inquiry cycle above will be used to illustrate how an inquiry model might be used.

Focusing Inquiry:

We have ipads but how can we use them effectively?

Frame a question:

How can we help 'target students' in literacy using ipads? (Debbie)

Teaching Inquiry - Teaching/Learning

Some considerations:

How do your students learn best?  What will work for them?  Will they learn by listening?  Will they learn by watching? Will they learn by doing?

I'm assuming they'll learn by doing - but you will know! 

What is your learning area/ focus? What app will support your learning area/focus?  How many ipads do you have access to?  How will you introduce the app to the class?  What support do you need as a teacher?  How will you mangage the use of the devices?

How will you capture evidence throughout this process?  http://padlet.com/wall/b3y8v66to8

Learning Inquiry

What happened as a result of the teaching, and what are the implications for future teaching?

How will we show that the use of ipad apps have contributed to an improvement in student achievement?

Reflection time.  How did this work?  What do we need to change?  How could we improve the teaching? delivery? What can we move on to next?  Who can we use as experts....or to delegate new learning tasks to?  

Plan ahead - What is our next focusing inquiry?

Please post any comments, queries in the comment box/es below - Would love to read your thoughts!!!


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